Home Church

Home Church

Home Churches are central to who we are as a church, many people see them as more important than Sundays, and we’re inclined to agree. With over 250 adults calling the Light Church their spiritual home, it’s just not possible to know everyone. So if you are serious about becoming part of the family, let us help you find a Home church for you.

What is Home church? Simple - it’s church that meets in a home. They can vary a bit, but at their core, they are simply about encouraging each other in our walk with Jesus. Bible studies, socials, praying for each other, support through a crisis - all that and more. Email our pastor if you’d like to join one, or fill in the form below.

Where & When Do We Meet?

BD1 - Central Bradford (Ladies daytime) - Thursday evenings

BD3 - Barkerend - Wednesday evenings

BD3/LS28 - Thornbury/Calverley (Young adults) - Wednesday evenings

BD4 - Bowling - tbc

BD6/HX3 - Shelf/Buttershaw - Wednesday evenings

BD6/HX3 (2) - Shelf/Buttershaw - Wednesday evenings

BD13 - Thornton - (Ladies) - Monthly - Friday evenings

BD15 - Wilsden - Tuesday evenings

BD18 - Shipley - Tuesday evenings

BD17/18 - Shipley/Baildon - Tuesday evenings

BD18 - Saltaire - Thursday evenings
Youth Home Church - Fridays

BD17/18 (2) - Shipley/Baildon - various

BD18 - Shipley - Young adults - Wednesdays