Bradford Central Foodbank

The Light Church hosts Bradford Central Foodbank which feeds those in urgent food crisis. Bradford Central Foodbank is a busy city centre Foodbank serving the needs of a very deprived community. Bradford is ranked the 5th most income deprived local authority in England with 29% of children living below the poverty line. Debt, benefit delays, domestic violence or simply trying to survive on a very low income means that people we serve have reached rock bottom and can’t even afford to feed their families.

During 2018 we provided over 4636 people with emergency food aid parcels which provided 3 days of vitally needed food for hungry families. We give people a hot meal and a listening and offer signposting to help people deal with the root cause of the crisis. We work with over 100 referral agencies in the city so we know that everyone who receives our help is hungry.

If you’d like to volunteer please ring 01274 734314 or email

Bradford Central Foodbank is managed by Josie Barlow and supported by Laura Jo Sanby and 40 volunteers who serve faithfully every week - many from The Light Church