Leadership Team

In 2017 we made the decision to establish a new and wider leadership team. In many ways we are returning to the model under which the church thrived for the first five years of its life, which is a leadership team with no one main leader. We also decided as a leadership that we would part ways with the term and ‘office’ of Elder and return to the name, structure and title that served us so well for those first 5 years - that of a leadership team formed of… well, a team of leaders.

We sought to build a balanced team, whilst ensuring we have the right blend of skill, experience, potential and of course Godly character. We are so grateful to God for bringing brothers and sisters alongside us the existing leaders, so that together we can carry the responsibilities of leadership. In having a wider, broader team we believe that it continues to send the message that this church is for everyone, and that there are no special people. However we do hope that we can do a special job of serving you in leadership as we take the church forward together.

John Kirkby - trustee and co-founder - finances, light groups, oversee Education centre

Tim Morfin - trustee and chair of Leadership team - building, kids and youth oversight, leading leadership meetings

Gareth Jones - trustee

Josie Barlow - co-founder - preaching and leading team and content, socials team

Chris Haldane - worship and communications

Helen Watts - pastoral

Edd Parker -preaching and leading team and content

Lindon Craven - Operations Manager