Meet the team

You may be asking, who’s the leader? This is an important question for anyone thinking of joining a church. You want to know whose values you are following.

We believe God has led us to have a church without a point leader. We have a leadership team who give the support, direction and vision to the church. We believe team leadership gives accountability and balance. It is also a biblical approach with the early church being led by a team of apostles. We currently have 8 people on the leadership team. These are John Kirkby, Josie Barlow, Gareth Jones, Chris Haldane, Edd Parker, Helen Watts and Lindon Craven.

Leadership Team

John Kirkby

Chris Haldane

Edd Parker

Helen Watts

Gareth Jones

Josie Barlow

Lindon Craven

Staff Team

Gareth Thompson

CAP Debt Centre Manager
& CAP Job Club Manager

Tarzan Almas

Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

Beth Snalam

Children's Worker

Keira Carnie

TLG Classroom Teacher

Harry Thøgersen

Operations Support

Lindon Craven

Operations Manager

Alan Priestley

Finance Manager

Sarah Bullen

Youth Work Team Leader

Andy Moughtin

TLG Education centre manager

Laura-Jo Sanby

Foodbank Operations Support

Josie Barlow

Foodbank Manager