Cafe Theology

Cafe Theology

Cafe Theology is an evening of in depth study into biblical theology and some of the more challenging issues the bible can throw up for us.

With in depth teaching from the tutors of Leeds School of Theology, it will equip you with some of the tools of 'how' to read and interpret your bible and how to understand theology, so you may be equipped for a life of love and service to Jesus.

Our initial sessions will be diving into how to have healthy theology and how we can read, understand and interpret the whole bible. Later sessions will dive into areas where Christians don’t always see eye to eye, so we can appreciate the diversity of Christian thought, whilst also making up our own minds.

Each evening will involve lecture style presentations, along with group work to process what you have heard and helpful Q&A sessions for those trickier elements.

The ethos and feel of the evening is coming together with open minds, keen to learn, humbly approaching the scriptures and honouring one another’s views. We hope and trust that all who attend will come with this posture.

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