Staff team changes

Matt Barlow - 21 January 2020

This Sunday gone, I shared with the church about changes in our staff team. I’m very aware that we’ve had quite a few changes over recent years, some of which have not gone well. Whilst this is a big change, we’re believing God is all over it, and it can end really well, thanks to his grace at work.

So the big news is that Lindon will be moving on from the staff team into other work, he is currently exploring exactly what that will be. But, really importantly, and in so many ways thanks to Lindon’s grace and humility, he and Sam will be remaining here at the Light, will continue preaching and continue as part of our current leadership team.

Here is a little of what Lindon communicated on Sunday…..

From Lindon:

I want to share a little bit of my journey and thinking with you since so many of you have been really invested in supporting me as Operations Manager here at the Light Church

I’ve been in post for nearly two years now - About 9 months ago I began discussion with the rest of the leadership about the nature of the Operations Manager role, how I was experiencing it and some of the difficulties of that, (which are also tied in to the journey the leadership have been on over that period.)

Since then I began to pray to God about what he would have me do, since I felt quite strongly that I was in an unsustainable position for me, but I wanted to know what his leading was.

I felt quite clear that God wanted me to stay in the position for now and not to move before his timing.

It’s been a very difficult period in the life of the church, not just for me but for the leadership of the church as they’ve considered the way forward through many complex and trying circumstances, and in some ways I feel like I’ve been at the eye of the storm for a lot of the tension of that period – in short it’s been a real strain – so I continually prayed to God, and still felt like the timing wasn’t right for me to leave the post.

As it became clear that it would be Matt who would lead the church I began to consider with God whether this would be the right time to move on, or whether there was a way forward for me with the new changes. Matt and I have had the chance to get to know each other a bit through this time and had a few discussions about how this might look.

In the end we both feel like it’s a good time for me to relinquish the operations manager role. I feel like I’ve been faithful to God and his calling, supporting the church through some seismic shifts in the way it works – right up until Matt is able to take up the role. I’m proud of that before God.

The church really needs some additional support in the office, but its not the kind of support that I’m inclined towards and its good to make some space for that.

Leadership have been very supportive throughout this time, I’ve been privileged to get to know them in a way that not everyone does and their heart and sacrifice towards me and this church rarely gets the recognition it deserves.

I will greatly miss working with all of the staff team, in particularly Beth and Sarah who I worked most closely with. I’ve really appreciated having Edd as my line manager but I particularly want to say thanks to Gareth Jones who has poured in countless hours of support over my time on the staff team.


Can I just reiterate my huge thanks for Lindon’s heart for the church, and his grace and humility as we have been journeying this together.

You need to know that this process has been genuinely walked through from a place of love. For me, as I have been praying about what is right for this situation, it has been from a place of wanting the very best for both Lindon and the church. I’m so grateful that as we’ve walked this together, we’ve come to a mutual place of agreement of what is God’s best for the church and for Lindon.

Being a loving family and being a strong family, doesn’t always mean that people should continue in an employed role. In fact if that role is not the right fit, it’s a long way from being loving. What matters is how loving we are as we go through that process and how we support people, if it’s right that God is moving them on. Something we acknowledge we haven’t always got right, but we’re seeking to learn.

As I said to Lindon, if we had budget for a role that fitted his people focussed gifting, then this would be very different. But the current reality is not that. This church needs an operational lead, something Lindon himself has identified is not a good fit for him.

Lindon has been incredibly faithful these last two years. He has been through many serious ups and downs, but his heart for God, for the church and the staff team has been exemplary - this is a man who has devoted himself and demonstrated Jesus in all his ways. We look forward to all that he will bring as part of the family as we move forward.

Please be praying for Lindon, especially that God would open up the right door for his next steps in terms of work.

Jesus didn’t teach people to tithe

Matt Barlow - 14 January 2020

So why is it then that so many committed Christians do tithe, normally tithing into their local church?

When Jesus came He said that He had not come to do away with the law, but to ‘fulfill’ it. (Matt 5:17) i.e. take it to it’s fullest level. So it was no longer good enough to not hate your enemies, you had to love them! No longer good enough simply to fulfill a set of religious laws, more than that He wanted us to love God with our whole being.

Interestingly Jesus never taught people to tithe, in a sense that was taken as a given, it was the law and people knew it. You couldn’t be a first century Jew without the words of Malachi ringing in their ears that to not tithe was to “rob God” (Mal 3:8). The one time Jesus did mention tithing was when he was railing against the religious people who were being so fastidious in their tithing the spices, but ignoring justice! What he did say though was ‘don’t neglect the former (i.e. tithing)’ but do both – so you could argue from that one mention that he did teach tithing! Whilst never really teaching or even mentioning tithing, Jesus did talk about money all the time, in fact he spoke more about money than any other subject. But he didn’t come to do away with the law, no, He called his disciples to go way beyond tithing and have a much more radical approach to finances. That they’d be prepared to give and give and give.

I read this great quote from an article by John Ortberg on tithing, he said “A tithe makes a great floor but a poor ceiling.” I even preached on that very concept back in January 2015. Ortberg also said that the tithe is like stabilisers on a bike that it’s to get you going in your giving, but God always intended for us to move on from it into so much more.

So, why is it that so many committed Christians give a whole tithe, the whole ten percent, into the local church? Well, it can be for a whole host of reasons - some theological and some practical. These can include:

• Because you’ve been taught that Malachi 3:10 ‘Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple’ means you should give your tithe into the church. Whilst interpreting the ‘storehouse’ as the local church wouldn’t be a bad interpretation of scripture, it’s also not the strongest argument.

• Because you’ve been taught that people of Israel gave their tithes into the temple – hmmm, yes they did, as God wanted to use this to take care of the priests and the poor in the community, but it’s a bit more complex than that, at times they were told to enjoy the tithes themselves as a feast!

• Because the early church seemed to do their outrageous ‘beyond tithing’ giving through the local church. Now we’re getting on some firmer ground – Acts 4:35 said that giving was brought to the feet of the apostles, who then decided how best to use it. So this is a very real example we should consider following.

• I hope as well you perhaps do it because you love what is happening in your church, that you think ‘whether or not the bible tells me to do this, I want to do it, because we’re building kingdom, reaching our city with the good news of Jesus’ I love giving and I want to give to support everything that is happening – not to mention the fact that I benefit from being part of this church as do my family (if you have family.)

So, what about you? What sits right for you? I’m hoping you’re someone who is convinced that a tithe is worth giving into your local church, and either have been doing for some time, or you’re ready to start – brilliant! Thank you, and thank you God, for it is him moving in our hearts whenever we choose to be generous.

Maybe you’ve decided that the Light church is going to be your church. If that’s the case, then you really should be doing something around giving. If you’re struggling then don’t feel pressure, but I’d still encourage you to try and give something – the blessing of giving should be available to everyone, not just those with loads of cash.

Maybe you’ve been giving, but not giving a tithe. If you have studied the scriptures and reached the conclusion that your tithe can be shared beyond the local church, and that’s what you want to do – follow your conscience. I know that for me, I would believe God would be fine for me giving some of my tithe outside of the church, as I do with other money. But I love this church, have always loved it, despite its faults, so am keen to see it well resourced so we can achieve all he has for us.

As I mentioned on Sunday, follow the advice of Paul in 2 Corinthians 7, ‘Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.’

Whatever happens, let’s not get legalistic, but let’s remember that Jesus consistently taught that grace went beyond the law it didn’t stop short of it. He called us to radical living, so let’s start with some radical giving.

‘Lead Pastor’

Matt Barlow - 03 January 2020

Hey church, I thought I’d just pen a few words to let you know that on reflection, the leadership team and trustees have agreed that the title I’m going to run with as I move forward is that of ‘Lead Pastor’ rather than ‘Senior Leader.’ I thought I’d take a few moments to explain why, and what this will mean moving forward.

Firstly, what’s in a title and why does it matter? Well in many ways, what matters much more is what I do, rather than what I’m called. I’m also acutely aware that Jesus warned the people to shy away from using titles in Matthew 23:8-12 “But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. 10Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah. The greatest among you will be your servant. For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” The heart of what Jesus is saying here is: 1. Don’t look to one person as overly special compared to others, and idolise them or overly revere them - look to God; 2. Leadership is there to serve, not to Lord it over people.

So, with that in mind, why the change? Well, ultimately language is there to help communicate what’s going on, and the word pastor (which comes from the root Greek word poimen) literally meant shepherd. This has now come to be understood in a church context as someone who cares for the flock, specifically the spiritual needs of the flock - in our case our church family. Interestingly in modern day language, it has often come to mean the main person leading a church. Which is totally fine, yet at the same time it should be noted that there is no clear biblical mandate for a church to be led by one person, though this doesn’t necessarily mean God cannot and doesn’t bless it. This is why we will be continuing with a plurality of leadership, but you will of course notice my leadership more, as I will be giving my whole life and time to it. In Ephesians 4, it talks about a bunch of different gifts that are needed to equip the church for works of service - prophet, evangelist, apostle, teacher, pastor. Within that pastor is just one of them.

However, without a doubt, there is a sense that as the Light church we have been a people without a shepherd for some time, and that’s the role I am aiming to fill. So what does this mean you can expect? Well a shepherd does many varied roles and at different levels. In a sense I believe I’m here to pastor the whole church as a family. i.e. it is my job primarily to lead the flock to a place where good pasture is found - it is primarily to get a sense of where God wants to lead us to, how he wants to feed us, and to do my part in making that happen, that the flock will be healthy and well looked after. This is, in part, why the term of Lead pastor has been chosen - it’s a reminder that this is a clear leadership role, leading the whole church to where God wants us to be, but with a pastoral heart.

There is another aspect to pastoring, which is what we often call pastoral care - this is ensuring individual members of the family are supported, discipled and especially cared for in times of distinct need. Whilst I will of course be doing some of that, and I recognise this will be an area of growth for me, that won’t be my primary role - this sits with the pastoral care team under Tarzan’s leadership for more the involved situations and Light group leaders for the more day to day support and encouragement. I’m so grateful that we can be a church that cares for each other, and also know we can do more.

So, well done for reading this far. Referring back to the words of Jesus, I don’t want people using a title over me. I don’t want to be Pastor Matt, I just want to be Matt, but I will be Matt who performs the role of Lead pastor. I will lead, and I will pastor, both big picture and individually loving and caring the flock that God has placed under my care, along with the rest of the leadership. Do pray for me that I might make my Father smile with how I lead, pastor and love our church moving forward.

Merry busy Christmas!

Matt Barlow - 02 December 2019

So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun! Well hopefully that will be the reality for you and your loved ones. We’re now in a time called advent, which is all about preparation, and whilst I love Christmas, you can’t deny advent is synonymous with busyness, how are we supposed to fit Christ into Christmas?!

Presents, parties, hosting, work dos, relatives to visit or visiting you. School Christmas plays, church Christmas services, hampers for people in need, food shopping - all on top of normal life!

Oh the horrific irony, that the celebration of the birth of the unhurried messiah, the one who had so much time on his hands for praying and for people, should have come to this. One of the biggest times of busyness for all of us is apparently celebrating the good shepherd who makes his people lay down, whose yoke is easy and burden is light.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I’m no Christmas scrooge, and like my messiah, I love to party, to eat and celebrate with friends. But just as when we see that word ‘Xmas’ on a card or on some marketing, our knee jerk reaction is to want to put the Christ back into Christmas, maybe we need to work a bit harder at putting him back into our own Christmas.

As we enter a time of advent, which simply means a time of preparation, my challenge to us as a church is to have our own time of preparation. As the carol says - to let every heart prepare him room. How might God want you to do that? To make room for Jesus in the busyness of advent and Christmas? I dare you to spend a few minutes asking him, how you might do that. Here were a few thoughts that came to me when I stopped and listened…
Whatever it is you do, allow God to invade your busyness with his presence. Be mindful of Christ this Christmas in all that you do. That you might worship him in all of your gift giving, your food prepping, your hosting, your partying, your quiet moments. He is Emmanuel, God with us, let him be with you this advent period, I pray.

  • Maybe you can increase your commitment to spend time with him? Why not buy an advent candle, and use that to be quiet once a day before your King? Or as you eat that advent calendar chocolate, close your eyes and acknowledge God - the maker of chocolate!!
  • Sign up to an Advent Bible reading plan. There are lots of great advent devotions on the Bible app.
  • Maybe, as it is so busy, commit to more prayer as you go - praying before key Christmas preparations. How might you shop if you commit the shopping in prayer to him? ‘God, guide me to spend money well. Help me to ensure I’m being led by your spirit and not by the expectations of a world gone mad with consumerism.’
  • Give extra thanks over the food, as you will be eating a lot of it! As you stir the Christmas cake, pray not just thanks but blessing on all that will eat it. Thank God for the turkey that has given its life, and not just for the fact it’s defrosted in time.
  • Host Christmas drinks for neighbours, bringing your street and community together. Yes it makes you busier, but you will know God’s kingdom coming as you do this. This will truly give you a God smile Christmas glow.
  • Reach out to someone who is lonely, maybe even have a surprise guest at your table come Christmas Day. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus would have done the same.
  • Choose to do something nice just for you or you and your family. Go to the cinema, go for a walk, but recognise God is the giver of all good things, and taking time to stop and be refreshed would be totally his heart for you.

Two weeks on…

Matt Barlow - 21 November 2019

Well, it’s been just over two weeks since we announced the news that I will soon be stepping down from my CEO role at CAP and stepping up into a new role as Senior Leader of the Light church. I’m already so excited to see how God is changing my heart, I’m praying for the church, hearing more from him, just having more headspace to be pastorally present - the sense of change and God being the one behind it is wonderful. Thank you so much to those of you who have reached out with an encouraging conversation, email or even a hug, and I know that already many of you are praying for Josie, the kids and I. Thank you!

I thought I’d just pen to paper (fingers to computer), to let everyone know exactly what is happening and when, and what to expect from both me and the rest of the leadership team through this time of transition.

So, in answer to the question, ‘Have you started yet?’ the best answer is ‘No, not really, but kind of, yes, no not really, maybe!’ Ha ha. In other words - all of it! The truth is that once it’s announced some things just naturally end up at my door, and I will do my best to serve the church as well as I can in this interim period. However, officially, I am planning to take on the ‘position’ of ‘Senior Leader’ from the beginning of January 2020, but only in a minimal interim capacity. I will likely have around 1-2 days per week to spend on it, so will only be able to do so much. My priorities during this time will be:

  • Connecting with and supporting the staff team
  • Setting some vision and direction for the year, and launching the new year well
  • Getting to know the church better, especially those in leadership and pastoral work
  • Working with the leadership team to create new structure moving forward

Things that are on my heart to do, but that I am unlikely to be able to do during this time, and will have to wait until I start fully April/May time, will be:

  • Giving much time to really getting to know the church well, praying, pastoring, visiting etc.
  • Starting to look at our discipleship programmes and how we can strengthen them
  • Connecting with the wider body of the church in Bradford
  • Connecting with those who may provide and become our external accountability and support structure
  • Devoting more time to preaching and teaching
  • Engaging deeply with longer term vision, building needs etc.
  • Developing next generation leaders

You can see that there is a lot to do, but I’m genuinely excited about pressing into all of the above, and seeing what God has for us. I believe that his vision for us is to become a really healthy, strong church. Spiritually healthy, emotionally healthy, exhibiting life in all of its fullness (John 10:10). Strengthened in our faith, strengthening those around us, and all those God brings to us. If we can do that, I believe we should expect his church to grow, but as I’ve been learning in many ways recently - health and strength needs to come first, growth can flow out of that.

In terms of being around, whilst of course I will be very committed to being around at our Sunday gatherings and hope to connect with many of you there. If I happen to not be there, it maybe I’m on holiday, or, on the the odd Sunday, I’ll be fulfilling my dad role of taking Jed to play football and cheering from the sidelines. As for the next two Sundays - I’ll be in New Zealand and Australia with my CAP work, all prayers gratefully appreciated! I’ll do my best to let the church family know when I’m not around and why.

Leadership team - as was expressed in the Sunday evening meeting, as a leadership team we will now be seeking God for how we best lead, oversee, govern and manage the church. As Gareth explained, the church is a complex combination of both very spiritual and also highly practical. We need to be moving in the gifts of the spirit, whilst also doing health and safety really well. Need to be pastorally caring for people well, whilst also running buildings and budgets. With some external support, we are prayerfully considering what the future structures need to look like, and you can expect some change to be happening, hopefully by Easter. In terms of staffing, from January Lindon will be reducing to 3 days per week, as was agreed in the whole organisational review last June/July. The recruitment of a higher level Operations/Administration manager than we have had previously is currently on hold, the consensus is that it is better for me to get in post and assess the needs, once I am in the mix. We are grateful to Lindon, Alan and Tarzan, all of whom have been covering various duties.

Anyway, I’ve gone on enough now, but hopefully you can see from this that one of my commitments is to give you, the church family, as much insight as I can into what is going on. This way we can all feel more engaged in the wider work of the church and have greater confidence in the leadership, the direction of the church and the decisions being made.

God bless you all as you continue to live out the calling Christ has given you right where you are!

A new season for The Light Church

Matt Barlow - 05 November 2019

Just over 11 years ago, Josie and I, along with our great friends John and Lizzie, sat round a table and made a pact with God that if he brought us 12 people with capacity, we would start a church. In many ways it was crazy, we all had jobs that required a lot of us, all had growing families, and yet…..when God speaks, you’d be foolish not to obey.

And so, here I am, having helped lead the Light in my spare time for 9 of those 11 years, responding once again to God’s call to obedience by stepping into the role of senior leader at the Light Church - wow! A call that takes me from leading a charity with hundreds of staff, a missionary movement of 1000 frontline workers and a budget of £13m to leading the Light church - a wonderful mid size church in the middle of a brilliant city. The difference between the two is big, but I am so excited because all that matters is obedience to the call of God.

I realise that for many of you this will take some time to get your head around and adjust to, you may have lots of questions, and questions are good. Jesus asked loads of them! It took me quite some time to adjust to! To consider leaving CAP, was a bolt out of the blue. I thought I had another 5-10 years in me, if not my whole ministry life. CAP feels very much like my baby, even though obviously John birthed it, 13 years as CEO does that to you. How could I possibly consider leaving this, how could I consider being in full time church leadership? Yet the closer I have got to it (and it’s been a 5 month journey) the more excited I get.

What can you expect?

So, what should you expect? Well, firstly I want to set out my stall for what I believe God is calling me to be and to do.
I’ll be really honest, I naturally find it easier to be a ‘get things done’ kind of guy, then I am pastoral and people focussed. Which I think is why God’s first call to me is to love the church, genuinely love and care for the people in the church. This will require a different Matt to the one you’ve maybe met before. The Matt you’ve known up until now is the one who has been carrying the huge weight and pressure of leading a large charity, squeezing in bits of church work here and there. Who, on a Sunday morning, has maybe had limited capacity to engage, especially when having just preached and squeezed out the last bit of energy I had left that week. Some of you will likely think ‘Matt never had time for me before.’ That’s because Matt didn’t have enough capacity, praise God that will change.

Vision and Direction

So, where is the Light church going. To which I answer ‘God knows.’ And if God knows I want to spend some time getting to know what God knows. The big picture vision has been set by the leadership team, to love God deeply, love each other genuinely and love our community compassionately. But I know some of you will be asking, ‘yes but what are we going to do? What do we want to see happen?” Whilst I could turn around a decent sense of vision and direction pretty quickly in my own strength, I’m not interested in doing this in my own strength. I want to be led by revelation, to listen to what the spirit is saying to the church. I also want to listen to you the church, to see what you believe God may be saying to us as a church or you as an Individual. With this in mind, I will take my time, and will of course be working it through and praying it through with the leadership team. I do think however that clarity of vision and purpose is important, and look forward to God revealing it.

  1. God has not called me to be the CEO of the Light Church. That may sound obvious, but having been a CEO for the last 13 years or so, I want to be clear that I’m leaving that behind and am embracing a new calling. This is a calling to lead and to pastor. I’m not going to be an ‘executive’ anything, I’m going to be a servant of God whose primary roles are to pastor the family of the Light church, and to lead us into what God has for us, along with the leadership team.
  2. My first priority is to love the church. In Ephesians Paul calls us husbands to love our wives as Christ loves the church. Well my first calling in this new role is to love the church as I love my wife, and I have to tell you, I’m crazy about my wife. (Who will always come first by the way!)


In terms of priorities in the short term moving forward, I think there are two areas I would love us to focus on as we press on, and they both sit under the banner of ‘Strengthen the body.’ I believe we need to do more work to create a stronger sense of family and community together as the Light Church. It happens well in some places, Light Groups and Young adults especially stand out. But a greater sense of togetherness would be God’s best for us. The second area, which I believe will be a challenge over the next decade and beyond, is working out how we do discipleship better, especially, but not exclusively, with new Christians, most of whom we are reaching through our outreach ministries. I know this is the cry of many of those involved in leading those ministries, and we all acknowledge there are too many slipping through the net, instead of growing into the fullness that God has for them. Whilst this will always be a challenge (it was for Jesus), it needs to be a priority.

Leadership Team

A quick word on the Leadership team - I have always been a team player and have always led with team. I’m therefore keenly looking forward to working, playing and praying with the team God has in place. I honour them all as faithful servant hearted men and women of God, who are sacrificially giving their own time to help co-lead the Light church. We should honour them, appreciate them and be acutely aware of the challenging task they have had of leading in their spare time. I’m grateful for their faith filled decision to invest in full time leadership.

At this time of change, there will likely be some changes afoot in that team, these will only happen through team consensus, I’m not like a new PM who does an instant cabinet reshuffle. Ephesians 5 says ‘Submit yourselves to one another’ and this is how it will work. Whilst I’ll lead the church and the team, I will still be submitting myself to those around me. It may be, that some may choose this moment to step down, some may step back and take a rest, whilst others I’m sure will remain fully committed. One of those to take a rest is Josie. Whilst I’m stepping up into this role as Senior Leader, Josie is going to be stepping back for a period of time. This will give me some space to get to know the team well on my own and build those relationships. My hope is that this won’t be long, as I believe Josie is a key leader for us a church, and having done 21 years of working together since we were 22 years old, I’m so excited to be back in that place again.

Well, I could go on and on and on, but should bring this to a close. I’m just a bit excited. God is good isn’t he?


So, finally, just something around timescale. I am still going to be working at CAP until the end of March 2020, albeit it on a slightly part time basis from January. Given the time this will give me, I intend to take up the role of Senior Leader of the Light church from the beginning of January, though I will only be able to pick up light duties to begin with, likely having a day a week, two at most, to be able to dedicate to the church. My request of you, my church family, will be to have pretty low expectations of what I can do in those first few months.

If I’m able, and God enables it financially, I may well take April off, as a gap month, to prepare for this next season of ministry, stepping then full time into my paid role from May onwards.

What do I want mostly from you? Be kind, be gracious and lift me and my family up in prayer. I believe that Josie and I have experienced a level of spiritual attack, quite unlike anything we’ve ever known in the process of this change. Someone wants to put us off and deflect us from the call of God, someone wants to rob us of the joy of stepping into this new season. But with the shield of faith, the belt of truth and the helmet of salvation firmly in place, (and the rest of the armour obvs) we have stood our ground. But as Paul goes on to say, we then need to stand and to pray in the spirit. Please do that with us and for us, more than anything else.