Our vision

Our vision

Loving God Deeply

The church we want to be is a place where God’s life changing presence is felt and experienced. A church that helps us understand God’s word in a relevant way so we are challenged and inspired to become more Christlike in the messiness of life. A place where people are safe to seek and to question. A church that empowers us to love God with our whole lives - all our heart, mind soul and strength which is reflected through right living and right relationships. A church where people are regularly making decisions to follow Jesus and so grow God’s kingdom in Bradford.

Loving Each Other Genuinely

The church we want to be is one that is a true family, a real community of believers held together by love. A church where everyone feels welcome, included and that they belong. We want to be a church that includes everyone so no one is left out or left behind. A place where everyone is equally valued, equipped and encouraged to use their unique gifts to serve and glorify God.

Loving Our Community Compassionately

We want to be a church that is passionate about sharing the goodness of God with our friends, neighbours and city. We want The Light Church to be known to love the people of Bradford through consistently serving our community. We want to be a church that is committed to bring good news to the poor of Bradford.A church that demonstrates to our city that God’s love and power is real and active through hundreds of transformed lives.

Our vision is to build a church that is loving God deeply, loving each other genuinely and loving our community compassionately.

Jesus prayed for us, you and me - his church, the night before he was crucified. He said: ‘I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who believe in me through their message. He prayed that as believers we would be one. That we would love each so strongly that we would become a community, a family that mirrors the community that God lives in - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus prayed we would love each other.

He said: ’I pray that they would be one, just as you and I are one - as you are in me and I am in you.’
He then said ‘And may they be in us …. so that they world will know you sent me.’
Jesus prayed that we would love God deeply and that we would be become one with God - that our character would match God’s, we would become holy just as he is holy.

Jesus prayed we would love God.

Jesus prayed: ‘May they be in such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me!’
He prayed that we would reach out into our hurting world to tell people that God loves them and that they would know that it was real by how much we loved each other and loved God.

Jesus prayed we would love our community.