Our vision

Our vision

The following is a blog I posted in Oct 2020 that best encapsulates where our thinking is at as we emerge from the pandemic.....

Light Church - New Vision

When I started as pastor in January 2020, I strongly felt God say ‘See, I am doing a new thing.’ In September I shared with you the fresh vision that we as a leadership believed God is giving to us as a church. Although ‘new’ it is built on the foundations we see in the early church, on what God is doing throughout the world and it is built on all the Light church has been for the last 12 years.

In many respects the timing was all wrong, sharing a new vision over youtube and when we aren’t able to just ‘get on with it’. But I’m trusting God that the timing is perfect. Just as the plants retreat during winter, receiving all of the nutrients they need to burst back into life, God is feeding us so that when the pandemic ends, we will be ready to burst back into life!

Though we also need to acknowledge there is still plenty that God is up to - people coming to Jesus, love being shown in practical ways, and some real deepening of spiritual roots into him! The church is not shut!

In everything we express, we continue to write it in wet ink, knowing that God will continue to mould us and shape us and give us the right wording to express what is on His heart for us as a church. So, here is what I shared….

Light Church Vision

Our aim and vision is:

‘Loving Bradford Back to Life’

Through a strategy of:

‘One Church, many homes’

Who are:

‘A family of disciples making disciples’

You’ve already heard me preach all of this, but let me unpack this a bit more…..

Kingdom first

Before I write anything else I want to be really clear that all of this is written with a very real understanding that we are simply part of the wider church in Bradford. The Light Church is not the answer, but the Bradford Church is! We link arms with every other church who seeks

to bring the kingdom of God to our city, proclaiming Jesus as Lord. When one church flourishes, we all flourish, when one suffers, we all suffer. There is no competition, we are all on the same side, and we prize and cherish unity with others. 

Loving Bradford Back to Life

We want to bring in His Kingdom, seeking to bring his rule of justice and righteousness to every sphere where he places us, his church. We will be the yeast in the dough, the salt in society and the light to this world. This means:

One Church Many Homes

A family of disciples making disciples