Children's work

We have an amazing and strong Children’s Ministry Team with lots of opportunities to serve!

Serving on one of our five running Sunday teams involves a two weeks on four weeks off rota and we are strong on team- so you will be with another leader building friendships and community as we go! We love to celebrate and support each other as leaders and have termly meetings in which we eat together, pray together and get excited about upcoming events!

We run Early Intervention as part of our Children’s Ministry at The Light Church. Here we have a team of volunteers who commit to spending one hour a week with one child from a local primary school for one school year. These well resourced coaching activities, run through TLG’s programme, bring great joy and long-term benefits reaching children and families in our local community. If you are looking to outreach and make long-term impact this is great place to volunteer!

We are looking forward to relaunching and launching new week time children’s groups and are hoping to be hosting some holiday activitiesalongside make lunch in the future, so if you are a pioneer or have time to give during the week, then we look forward to having you on board!

Should you wish to get involved please speak to Beth Snalam, or drop me an email at :